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Welcome To The 230 VC Concert Grand


Discover sheer limitless tonal range

The impressive radiance of a Bösendorfer unfolds in any spatial and
acoustic environment, immersing you in the magical sound of the world’s
great stages. Transform your home into a private concert hall, and revel
in a limitless source of artistic creativity.
Bösendorfer - for the love of music.

The Art Of the Piano

The ethos of Bösendorfer goes right back to 1828 and the founding of our company.
We are passionate about crafting pianos, ultimately sharing a unique experience of sound, touch and - foremost - emotion. 

Uncompromising traditional handcrafting,

beauty and the Viennese soul: Made in Austria.

Artists & Friends

A selection of prominent artists who play or have played Bösendorfer, as well as renowned personalities who are or were owners of a Bösendorfer Instrument.